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Parasyte Shinichi Izumi Figure

Parasyte Shinichi Izumi FigureScore 83%Score 83%

Product Summary

Shinichi Izumi never looked so good. Actually, this is the first Parayte anime figure. Usually, anime figures with 1 or 2 figures are low-quality because there is little to no demand for the anime figure; fortunately, this isn’t the case. This figure is up-and-coming for entry and professional anime collectors.

Pros & Cons



Lot’s of included accessories



Migi is included



Best (& Only) Parasyte figure



The upper body does not feel durable.

Full Review


Spoiler alert: The details are great. The highlight of the features is definitely in the clothing of this figure. Shinichi’s clothing has wrinkles like no other anime figure. The clothing Shinichi is wearing is accurate to his appearance in the manga, rather than the favourite anime. This touch pays homage to those who have read the original series. J.Chavez has this to say about Medicos entertainment’s Shinichi Izumi figure: “Detail 9/10 – The shirt, jeans, and shoes are fantastic. They look very realistic and add realism to this figure while staying faithful to its manga.”.        




If you only buy “HIgh-quality anime figures, this Shinichi figure will not impress nor disappoint you. It is about average in the quality department. The figure feels great to the touch; however, Migi is not painted perfectly. Shinichi’s face looks decent, but the back of his head has some discolouring. The pros and cons are about even making. The best Lazy Sensei could give this anime figure is average. This could be problems our particular Shinichi figure has, but it is doubtful as some of these problems exist based on other owner’s reviews. “Sculpting 10/10 – The two heads are stunning with strict attention to detail in the sculpting and painting. MIGI (2 stands alone, and plenty of iconic Migi hand moulds). The rest of the accessories (extra arm, handpieces, hatchet, and sharpened stick) were not overlooked as accessories; each is a work of art in their own right.”      




Not amazing nor horrible, just average. Similar to the quality of this figure nothing stands out. After reviewing many anime figures, Lazy sensei has a good idea how to review anime figures, somehow we all concluded that this anime figure is just average. Here is what J. Chavez has to say about the Articulation. “Articulation 7/10 – The upper body joints seem a little flimsy but they hold the figure well. The range of motion in the arms is not that great due to the shirt getting in the way. The leg’s articulation is the highlight of this figure. They give realistic flexibility to the figure. The torso adds dimension to different poses allowing for a realistic pose. The head articulation is so, so.”    





The value is high not because of the details or quality or even the durability. It is high because you only have one option if you want a Parasyte anime figure and it is this one. When there aren’t any alternatives, the value is incredibly high. Anime figure collectors may not be aware of this because most of the time there are plentiful options to choose from, but that is not the case for Shinichi. Luckily this figure is all Parasyte fans need. The extra accessories make the anime figure even better than the average manga figure. “Extras 10/10 but for the left hand 2/10 so 8/10- There are enough extras to go wild with endless options in posing. What puts a wedge in accomplishing this is the lack of left hands (you get two, a fist and a fist). One holds the stick/rod. Boring! Although his heads are awesome, I would trade some extras for an extra head with an expression to give variation. I get it though, that is the highlight of the manga and anime; these faces and hairstyles tell a story (an amazing load of psychology went into his character).”



Summary One of our personal favourite Parasyte Shinichi Izumi Figure. Definitely recommend!



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