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Kuroko’s Basketball Daiki Aomine Megahouse Figure

Kuroko’s Basketball Daiki Aomine Megahouse FigureScore 88%Score 88%

Product Summary


Who does not like Aomine from Kuroko’s Basketball? He was the best basketball player on the Generation of Mircles and his figure is the best overall in comparsion to the other Generation of Mircles. Even though the detials, quality, durablity, and value are all roughly the same, Aomine is in a great pose that perfectly repersents his charactertics.

Pros & Cons



Amazing details on the entire figure




Excellent pose




Best Aomine figure available




Different shoes. Anomine wore Air Jordan 1s in the manga

Full Review




Excellent details can found on this entire figure. The area with noticeable details is Aomine’s arm and hair. Aomine’s arm has great definition on his forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. These are the focal points of the figure, and Megahouse did a great job of ensuring that the arm of Aomine looks stunning. The other focal point is Aomine’s hair as he is performing a cross-over. The quick movements from Aomine often make his hair move as well. It is great to see that Megahouse noticed this detail in the anime and had taken the effort to include it in this figure. The only feature Lazy sensei would have liked to see on this Aomine figure is Air Jordan 1s on Aomine’s feet instead of the generic ones. In the anime, Aomine wore the generic shoes, while in the manga he states that he wears Air Jordan 1s when playing basketball. It would have been great to see Megahouse to include the iconic shoe with this figure, however for legal reasons; they probably could not.











The details make the figure good; the quality makes the anime figure great. This aomine figure is in between good and great. The quality is lacking; however, this is common for anime figures that have not moving joints. This is an anime statue and not a “figure”. This means collectors will hardly touch the figure in comparison to figures that can be moved into different poses. Anime statues, therefore, do not have the finishing touch that other figures. Other than the how the PVC plastic feels, the quality is standard. Kokoro from Amazon said this “This will be a great addition to my husband’s figurine collection. The detailing is great and resembles Aomine perfectly. I especially like this pose as my husband is a fan of ankle breakers”. Everything you expect from an anime figure of this price range is checked. You will not be impressed, but satisfied. Only anime figure collectors with hundreds of anime figures will be able to understand this small in perfection, while the average buyer will not. With all that being said, it will be more than enough for the average collector.













If you expect thing figure to be durable because it has no moving joints, you would be right. This statue is durable for more reasons than just being a statue. The PVC materials are rugged, the paint shows no signs of peeling, and megahouse has an excellent reputation for making sturdy figures. With all of that being said, you should expect this figure to be one of your most durable anime figures in your collection regardless of how large it is.









Similar to the other Kuroko’s Basketball figure, these are a great value. This is not because of the details, quality, or durability, the value is high on these figures because there aren’t many Kuroko’s Basketball figure options available. If there is no competition and you want the product, the value is higher than if there was competition. If you want a tremendous Aomine figure, this is your only option. Even though this is your only option, it makes the Aomine figure no less significant than it already is.



Summary One of our personal favourite Daiki Aomine figures. Definitely recommend!



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