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Attack on Titan Levi Ackerman Figure

Attack on Titan Levi Ackerman FigureScore 84%Score 84%

Product Summary

Ed Arguably the most popular Attack on Titan character gets an anime figure. Banpresto’s Levi Ackerman look great from head to toe. The detials are impressive, the qulaity is top-notch, and the materials used are average. Overall, this figure by Banpresto is a must collect for Attack on Titan fans and for anime figure collectors that value high-qulaity figures. This 9.5″ Levi figure will not disapoint.

Pros & Cons



Lots of positive reviews



Optional maneuvering gear



Great height! Almost 10 inches tall




Some figures do not stay on base





Full Review







Excellent details can be found on this Levi Attack on Titan figure made by Banpresto. Just have a close up look at this figure and you will be able to see that this figure is excellent for the price. Banpresto could have made this figure cost four times the amount and the details would justiy the price without question. Dain2010 on Amazon had this to say about the figure “I really liked this piece previous to buying, but I wasn’t sure how it would look in person. I thought the figure looked slightly feminine in stock photos. I was happy to see the figure looks much better in actuality. It’s very nicely painted with no flaws and stands a little over 10 inches tall. I really like the removable cape, too.” Lazy Sensei completely agrees with this quote as we felt the same hestiation and sign of relifef when receving Levi.











Lazy Sensei has similar thoughts about the quality of this figures as we did with the details; just excellent for the price. Jester on Amazon has this to say about the Levi anime figure “The product itself is made out of good quality plastic. The module itself comes with a stand so that he can stand up straight. Anyone who is a fan of this character and likes to collect figures, this is a great but to get. Affordable and easy to put together also with the option to there have Levi has the cape on or not. They are also not kidding when this comes at about 9 inches because it is definitely tall. As said before, it is a nice, affordable, and the good figure to own.” The cape, rock, and face are the highlights of this figure. Once you feel either of these three, you can truly understand why collectors are impressed by the quality by Banpresto figures.












The durablity is just average for this Banpresto figure. By no means do we suggest that this figure will look bad with months, we are just stating that nothing on this figure is streaming durable. The only advantage this figure has for durabilty is that it is a statue with no moving parts. Since collectors cannot change the pose of this figure, less people will touch it, thus more likely to look brand new for a long peroid of time. Donald had this to say about the figure ” I’m not sure if the figure is defective/broken or if it’s just a bad figure but the torso wouldn’t even fit with its legs so I can’t even put the figure together. In addition, the figure can not even stand!” This does concern us, however, since no on else has has this problem, we think Donald got a defective figure. If you do have the same problem as donald, the seller is obilgated to provide you with the replacement.













Although, we know there are better Levi figures avaiavle, this one by Banpresto has the best value. You are not sacerfing too much compared to more expensive figure. You get similar details, qulaity, and durablity for a faction of the price for the other Attack on Titan figures. Even if you have already collected the other Levi figures, this one is still worth the price. If you are looking for your first Attack on Titan figure, this is the best option without a doubt. You will be getting everything that makes a great statue without having to spend high-qulaity pricing.



Summary One of our personal favourite Attack on Titan Levi Figures. Definitely recommend!



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